Thursday, March 9, 2017

na land far far away where capitol is called god , there is no suarage in the capital part, called banjica towards avala mountain, so all the shit spills over and lets be consumed bu earht there and people so to destroy all the 8 people , who in turn be anglry . for they cant turn the page from t pauls in bibile . especially before the banjica memorial park part . so all the shit is just stuck there and people get stuck on the same thing every 70 years or so.  the children born are not circumsied so they dont have the primordial sin  and they end up not sinning for long , making the currency slip in hyerinflation now and then , whoever gets stuck with this countryl .. for the god of money requires the rabbie procedure or baptism at least to stop the cycle form repeting. i  am guesssin the same dark forces from the beneath are affectin us all in this self run and managed prison .  some want to escape some want to govern it, the sicientists want to escape , the prison bos mr car bg is happy as long everyone in prison is the same as him ... and not making the sewars thus fucking up the world every now and then . i am guessing the similar thing hapens to all hyperinflated places, they cant get themselves form ground for the ground draws them by weight of turning to st pauls pages every now ant then , and they cant turn the page forward .. they can only call some cell shit numbers . or buy things in infinity shop that gets them to underwrodl forever .. i am not sure why do the people let the sewarage to shit over the god of land ...  i guess it hardens them to fight new battles for spreading shit with fan even more, fan has 3 blades ... a least . and the shit people get angry how is it that everyone else is liberated from shit but they must take it . so they emigrate, and shit bastartds send them back .

for they were only leased to do the jobs, they are the toy shop for wars , the people, they are not themselves, they eat pigs and other mamals and commin cannibalism by hearing those pigs scream and sloughter them , they would not have veagn food, you have to order a burger and get the meat out of it to eat :)

each capital is a animal ,, one of those animals that were collected by noah before the space travel, the fiercest is a volf, a ax head indeed . and some retards  decided to shit on its head .. volf horus , watever .. , there is a coin that you can insert to play those animals, those are rear coins, the begars , some animals are so badly poitioned that some people wondered what was happening and decided to level them with ground so they wond be a random . even rearer is a coin from the movie immortal, the coin can get possesed with gods and make more coins to those god animals .. and thta is how they start it.  if the coins are not baptised .. we are all doomed to live through hyperinflation and such .. until they find us and make us a primordial sin ...

some people who trave the worlds visited some places .. and made coins , thoose coins can send off into spiral any economy 

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